We Need a Helper! 2g Looking for Intern to Join Team.


Lesix Media LLC (dba 2g Strategies) would like to hire an Intern for the purposes of assisting with the service of clients, process management, planning, and execution of the company’s strategic goals. The position will generally entail a regular schedule of interfacing with 2g clients via email, field visits, and conference calls as necessary. Additionally, scheduling 2g marketing activities, networking, and business development will be a priority. To a certain extent, the Intern will be expected to learn skills related to quoting, invoicing, graphic design, project management, and others that are required by our service models.

The start date for this position is Monday, October 30, although if prepared Interns can start Monday, October 16. This internship will run through at least July 30, 2018 and, if suitable, transition to a full-time salaried position.


  1. Project Management: The intern will be expected to provide regular project management for both clients and internal 2g Strategies activities. This includes the regular use of Work Breakdown Structures, Value Stream Maps, and Critical Path Diagrams.
  2. Scheduling: The intern will be expected to coordinate scheduling activities with clients, client deliverables, and internal 2g operations. Google Calendar will be used to manage all such activities.
  3. Strategy and Planning: The intern will be expected to participate in strategic planning sessions with clients and execution of those strategic plans. This can involve everything from grassroots planning and execution to vendor qualification.
  4. On-Site: The intern will be expected to maintain at least 10 hours of office time per week (or, other activities as directed) with the goal being 15-20 hours per week.
  5. Other duties may include, but are not limited to: graphic design, process mapping, client training, product delivery.


  1. Must live in or near the Metro Atlanta area. This is considered to be no more than 1 hour away.
  2. Current student or recent graduates are preferable.
  3. No direct campaign experience required, although some form of involvement in the political process preferred (e.g., legislative intern, campaign volunteer, College or Young Republican member).


  1. $250 monthly gas stiped paid on 1st of each month until end of internship or full employment.
  2. Up to five $500 bonuses to be paid throughout the internship consistent with customer activity and performance.


Robert Lee