Representative Mary Robichaux campaigns as a "moderate" and a "conservative" depending on who she's talking to, but her voting record is even more radical than some of her fellow Democrats. On multiple occasions she voted against bi-partisan legislation that both Democrats and Republicans supported--like better retirement benefits for law enforcement and first responders or updated measures to improve the lives of foster children in Georgia. Mary Robichaux is no moderate. She is in lock step with the radical leftist wing of the Democrat Party and her voting record tells the story.

Violated Campaign Finance Laws

Radical Robichaux violated campaign finance laws, triggering an ethics complaint for illegal campaign solicitations and a significant failure to disclose assets.

Undermined Public Safety

Voted against protecting law enforcement officers and better benefits for first responders. (HB 838)

Attacked Small Businesses

Voted against bi-partisan legislation to provide relief to Goergia small businesses during the COVID pandemic. (SB 359)

Refused to Help Foster Children

Voted against bipartisan legislation to provide more protecting for foster children. (House Vote #771)

Bought by Radicals

Financed by the same left-wing radicals funding the Marxist BLM political group and bailing out looters and rioters.(ethics.ga.gov)